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Pirates of the Galactica: Curse of the Cursed Cylon Mermaids (3/?)
by Loops (pearlwing)
at July 23rd, 2007 (04:37 pm)

Some inspiration gathered from hexagram . Kudos. Okay. B) <--- Awesome emoticon.

Summary: The pirate vessel, the Colonial Star, is ravaged by a storm. Baltar must step up and become their savior.
Pairings in this Installment (Hehe): Baltar/Six, Adama/Roslin (sorta), Tigh/Adama (hehe sorta), Zarek/Roslin, Helo/dead!Sharon 

It's what y'all been waiting for! (After "Cleaver VI". T_T) 

Yo ho ho! And a Bottle o' Rum!